Article of the Week: Hall decoration

Arranging a feast in honor of young podlasly vodka honey, glorified bride's relatives. a month), and they are mainly in the bride's home. From an administrative point of view, if a man live with a woman a few years together and maintain a common household, they are considered husband and wife with all the ensuing economic rights and duties under the law on non-registered partnerships. Those who receive the tea usually give the bride gifts such as jewelry or red envelope. The newlyweds kneel in front of their parents, serving tea to both side of parents, as well as elder close relatives.

In some countries, the wedding is usually carried out with the participation of distinguished witnesses. As society transitions from religious to secular, many aren't willing to give up on the symbolic meaning of some customs since they have become an essential part of the culture independent of religion. Wedding in Israel is strictly a religious ceremony.

These are often referred to as "commitment ceremonies." Same-sex weddings are not legally recognized in most countries. Ceremonies are based on reference to God, and are frequently embodied into other church ceremonies such as Mass.[13] Arab Christian wedding party. Further, after one or two weeks after the wooing, followed the bride: parents of the bride were inspecting the house and the farm of the groom's parents, because there after marriage go to a daughter. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a wedding reception. A number of cultures have adopted the traditional Western custom of the white wedding, in which a bride wears a white wedding dress and veil. And just like a real wedding, a reception and a feast is organized where guests are asked to wear appropriate clothing. This event may be legally documented as a marriage or another legally recognized partnership such as a civil union. Both the bride and groom, however, should be in love during the carnaval and they need to transfer their love to all the people who celebrate their wedding along with them. A characteristic feature of Greek apparel the bride's head is decorated with Golden threads and face cover long pink veil.